Democrats Are Pro Worker and Pro Business.

In order to have a strong state, you have to have a strong economy. During the Obama years, America produced 12 million new jobs, 12 million good jobs. And the Obama administration reversed 8 years of job losses under the Bush administration.

It’s not contradictory to be both pro-business and pro-worker. It’s a fact: Democratic administrations produce more new jobs than Republican administrations and create jobs with higher wages.

But Republicans in Missouri don’t believe the facts. They believe alternative facts — like the disproven theory that trickle-down tax cuts actually work. They don’t.

Democrats want businesses to succeed. And when they do, we think workers should have a share in that success. When tax breaks are given only to the wealthy, the middle class gets left behind. If you’re tired of Republican politics as usual that favor the wealthy as usual, join us in making Missouri a blue state once again.

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