Will you contribute to StrongBlue PAC and help us elect more Democrats to the Missouri House and Senate?

If you’ll contribute $1.97 per week (billed upfront at $102.44) or $1.97 per day (c’mon, it’s just a cup of coffee! — billed upfront at $719.05), StrongBlue will work with as many Democratic candidates as we can to flip all 197* seats in the MO Legislature from red to blue. Dems are waaaay behind the Republicans, so your contribution will go toward providing our services at a low, low cost to candidates. Essentially, your contribution will ‘buy down’ the cost of campaign management for Democrats in all parts of Missouri.

Please make your contribution through ActBlue today. Thank you!

*Why $1.97? There are 163 House Districts in Missouri and 34 Senatorial Districts. 163 + 34 = 197.