Missouri’s Been Poorly Led by the Republican Party

In Missouri, the Republican Party is the dominant party, controlling the Governorship, Senate and House. Let’s see how and where they’ve led us over the last ten years:

On Healthcare, Missouri ranks in the bottom half of states on health care services for its citizens….

  • #35 out of 50 states on healthcare provided to women and children
  • Among the lowest in public health funding
  • 11thhighest smoking rate in nation
  • In the top 20 states for heart disease, cancer and diabetes
  • The nation’s lowest life expectancy
  • Among the worst in providing mental health care.
  • #42 out of 50 states for healthy lifestyle1
  • 15.8% of the population lives below the federal poverty line2

Under Republican leadership, Missouri has

  • Lost of $14.5 billion in federal Medicaid reimbursements and $4.8 billion in hospital reimbursements
  • Forfeited $8 billion in federal aid due to the Republican Party’s political opposition to Planned Parenthood
  • Become the only state with no drug database.

The Gallup Organization’s annual poll ranks Missouri as the 8thmost miserable state when measuring statistics of physical health, obesity, work environment and household income.

In Education, Missouri…

  • Ranks at the very bottom in K-12 education, #47 out of 50
  • Has underfunded schools to a near crisis point, spending among the least on education
  • Fails to intelligently deal with increasing costs

In several school districts in Missouri, budget cuts have forced schools to work on a 4-day-per-week schedule, and some are even contemplating 3-day-per-week classes. Is this what YOU want for your child? A 4-day schedule? When they mature, Missouri children will be competing for jobs with people not just from their community but from the world. The Republican party had done an awful job of making sure Missouri children are well taught and competitive.

In Transportation and Infrastructure, Missouri….

  • Ranks in the bottom half of all states at #31 on safety, bridge repairs and traffic congestion.
  • Received a C- from the American Society of Civil Engineers on drinking water, levees, bridges and wastewater treatment
  • Received Ds on energy, dams and inland waterways.

On the Environment, Missouri ranks…

  • In the bottom half of all states on the amount of toxic waste, carbon footprint and alternative energy production.

One would think we have a crisis of voter fraud in Missouri, given the number of bills each session on voter ID.  Yet each session in the Missouri Legislature is dominated by bills to make gun access easier, even as gun-related deaths increase. The website AOL says:

                “Missouri is a perfect example of a state which falls flat in every statistical category.”

The bottom. This is where Republican leadership and Republican ideas have taken us. But there’s an alternative. The Democratic party. Democrats in the Missouri House and Senate want to bring healthcare, education, transportation, infrastructure, the environment, business and job security back to the top. If you agree, join us in electing Democrats to office.