Democrats Support Unions and Prevailing Wage.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and the Republican-dominated legislature recently enacted Right-to-Work legislation, making it harder for union laborers to earn middle class wages. Right-to-Work has been a long-desired goal of billionaire Republican donors, David Humphries and Rex Sinqfield. They and various business and dark-money interests want to break unions.

Now they’re taking aim at Prevailing Wage, the term that describes and regulates the total package of hourly wages, benefits and overtime. Prevailing wage laws are good for workers as they stabilize the construction industry in each locality, emphasize quality and productivity over lowest cost, and prevent under-bidding from contractors by lowering the pay rate of their workers. Union workers suffer when prevailing wage laws are repealed, according to a study by Harvard University. “The negative wage effects are borne primarily by union workers and white workers,” concludes the study. Repeal of Prevailing Wage advances with the Republican supermajority.

Missouri has a strong union heritage in what is now a pro-business state. If you believe in workers’ rights and workplace equality, join Democrats in restoring union strength to Missouri.

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